Paranormal Children

Basically, all children are psychic, only some are more sensitive to it than others. When growing up, this inborn gift disappears in many children; in some it comes back later in life, but not in others. Not every child is equipped to actually use this gift. That is up to them, who is and who is not, it is not up to us. But if your child is psychic, it is absolutely not easy for her to deal with this. The child is still too young and inexperienced to understand this. The child receives feelings and impressions that she cannot deal with, which can be very confusing. Especially when the child can also see ghosts and therefore does not dare to sleep. It can be a big problem when the parents have never had to deal with this and do not recognize it in their child. Their child then ends up in isolation and/or experiences behavioral changes that the parents then cannot explain. The child is then treated in the wrong way and dealt with because she is difficult and does not go with the flow.

Paranormal children are very wise

They sometimes say things that make you think: where did she get that from. They really amaze you with their statements and expressions. They absorb people well, they look at you like they see right through you and they do. They regularly sit alone in their room to find peace. The impressions and feelings they receive from others throughout the day are confusing and exhausting because they don’t know what makes them feel uncomfortable or restless. When there is no opportunity to retreat, they may actually become very busy, thereby losing the restless feelings they have received from others.

Seeing spirits

When the child also sees ghosts, they no longer want to sleep in their own bed, preferring to sleep with their parents. When the spirits are also there during the day, they often sit and talk to them, it seems like the child is talking to herself, but she has whole conversations with such a spirit.

What can I do for your child: I can at least perceive whether your child is psychic or not. If so, I can explain to you in understandable language what your child is going through and how best to deal with it. After that, I seal the gift! I protect her from this gift so that the child can be a child again. It is a burden for the child, who is nowhere near ready for this and cannot do anything with it. As a child you only suffer. I cannot close the gift for a very long time, for one it is after 3 months for the other half a year. If the gift comes back, you can ask me to close it with a short e-mail. It is not something to flaunt or stimulate, the child can completely lose its way because of this gift. You don’t let a 7-year-old child drive a car!

You may mail a photo with the eyes clearly visible and where she is alone. Then you can choose a consultation of your choice.