Highly sensitive children

HSP | High Sensitive Persons

HSP, this is the abbreviation for: High Sensitive Persons.

The word Highly sensitive actually says a lot, in other words, the child who is highly sensitive is many times more sensitive than a child who is not highly sensitive. All senses are more highly developed and feelings are better developed. All impressions come in much stronger than normal. Here are some examples:

  • Sensing and signaling everything much more sharply. When father, mother or acquaintances are not feeling well, highly sensitive children adopt these moods immediately. They feel what someone else is feeling.
  • A class with lots of children can confuse the child because all these impressions, all the feelings of the others, come in. Often the child is completely exhausted after school and wants to retreat to his/her room. If this is not possible, the child becomes busy or cranky to the point of being unruly.
  • When a door is slammed loudly, the highly sensitive child feels as if a bomb has gone off, frightening him/her to death. Hearing is many times more developed, so all sound comes in much stronger.
  • Eyes are also more sensitive, e.g., to sunlight and other sheet light.
  • The nose is also more developed and smells better.
  • They don’t want to wear clothing that pinches or is uncomfortable.

Complaints that the highly sensitive child may have

The highly sensitive child does not know what is going on with her and can become very insecure about everything that happens in her body, the child cannot explain her own behavior either.
Being extremely tired and/or lifeless.
Becoming very busy, wanting to get rid of all the restlessness in the body. Being very busy at a birthday party and not being able to sit still. All the impressions that come in are translated by a restlessness in the body. You really can’t sit still anymore.
Often highly sensitive children are also psychic.
But this is not always the case. It is very important that you understand and guide your highly sensitive child. This can make the life of your child easier and more pleasant. By reading a lot about it and gathering as much information as possible, you can better understand your child. There is a lot of information on the Internet about HSP. Read books about it, the more knowledge you have the better you can help your child.

What I can do for you is to understand what is going on in your child and where the problems are. This is different for every child. I also see if your child is psychic. I give you advice on how best to deal with your child and try to explain as much as possible.

You may mail a picture with the eyes clearly visible and where she is alone. Then you can choose the consultation of your choice