The Cause of a Cry-Baby

The cause of a cry-baby is usually traced back to the mother. I am not talking about babies with colic, but about babies who cry a lot without any apparent reason.

In the Womb

The cause usually originates from the womb. In the womb, the baby feels everything from the mother, which is often overlooked. All the emotions, tensions, unrest, uncertainties, and problems that the mother experiences are also felt by the baby. There is no escape for the baby. The baby must feel and experience everything. In the womb, the baby cannot express anything, so this is held in for 9 months until the baby is born. The baby then seizes every opportunity to release all the pent-up emotions: by CRYING. The baby cries until all the discontent has been released. The mother becomes desperate, which the baby feels again, creating a vicious circle. The result: a stressed mother and baby, which seems never-ending. I am not referring to babies with physical ailments.

What I Can Do for You

I sense what is going on with you and the baby so that I understand what is happening, what caused it, and what you can do to break this cycle. This way, mother and child can finally find peace.

You may email a photo with the eyes clearly visible and where your baby is alone. Then, you can choose a consultation of your choice.