Children of divorced parents

Children of Divorced Parents

When a child hears that their parents are going to divorce, it is terrible. It’s as if the ground disappears from under their feet; for a child, it feels like the worst thing that can happen. For adults, it is already very bad and can sometimes cause trauma, but for children, it most often causes trauma. It is therefore very logical that the children change and become defiant or unmanageable. Because you are already very tense and have a lot to arrange, this can clash enormously with the children. You get reaction after reaction, and the house feels too small. Nobody understands each other anymore.

Many Changes

For children, it is very difficult to get used to regularly changing homes, sometimes with mom, sometimes with dad, and not to forget: when they were still together, there were certain rules; now that they live apart, suddenly different rules apply. In most cases, there are also different rules, especially when a new partner comes into the father’s or mother’s life. The children must constantly adapt. Even if the divorce is handled “neatly” and there is good communication, it remains traumatic for the children. The worst is the pain that is not seen or felt by the parents; the children then enter a sort of isolation, which can have significant consequences. Parents often think they know and understand what is going on with their child but often miss the mark. Due to their own emotions, they cannot function properly at that moment.

Help for the Children

In many cases, the divorce is unfortunately not handled neatly, which greatly affects the children. For children, this is very traumatic, and it is therefore essential that they receive help, so they can regain control of their feelings and life and function well again. The divorce negatively impacts the child’s functioning; school performance can decline, and the child can spiral downward.

What I Can Do for You:
I can sense both the children and the parents, understanding what is going on, what the emotions are, where the problems lie, and what can be changed, especially how you can all begin to function well again.

Je mag een foto mailen met de ogen goed zichtbaar en waar hij/zij alleen op staat. Dan kan je een consult kiezen naar keuze.