Children dealing with grief processing

For an adult it is already very difficult when we lose someone dear to us, so let alone for a child. Grieving is a process and can take a very long time, as there is no time. When a child loses a father or a mother it has very big consequences, nothing is the same anymore and everything becomes different. A child can also grieve for other loved ones, a grandfather, a grandmother, an uncle, an aunt or a friend. Often those involved with the child think that if you explain it well, that the person is now in heaven, that the child can handle it. It often seems that way, but usually the child locks this inside, or only allows it when she is alone.

The death of pets

If this is not handled properly, it can be disruptive to her further life and cause problems later in life. So it is essential that it be dealt with the moment it happens. The parents are also in a grieving phase at that time and obviously do their best to accommodate the child. Still, this can change the child very much, usually not in her favor. Also, do not underestimate the death of a dog, cat, horse or other pet. The animal is often the child’s greatest friend. Even when it is years later, your child may still have problems with it.

What can I do for you

By empathizing with your child, I can find out what is on her mind, where the sadness lies and how to deal with it. I can also see and empathize with any behavioral changes that occur as a result of the grieving process. Your child can regain peace and become herself, without these huge blocks.

You may email a photo with the eyes clearly visible and where she is standing alone. Then you can choose a consultation of your choice.