ADHD, according to medical science, stands for: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity. It has never been proven what causes it or what goes wrong in the brain. The long list of symptoms that medical science has compiled is huge.

What I got through on this

ADHD is an umbrella term for a lot of symptoms that the medics don’t know what to do with. By pigeonholing children who cannot be treated and giving them a name, it becomes easier to control them, because then they can give them pills. These pills are harmful to the child and suppress its true nature. The children become nice and quiet and are easier to handle at home and at school, they get flustered. They are actually drugged. This does not solve the actual problem. The problem is often on the social level. The children are weighed down by something, are not comfortable in their own skin, because they cannot control the situation at home or at school in any way. The most important thing is to find out what is bothering the child and why she is behaving the way she is.

The medication:

The cause must be resolved and you don’t do this through a pill. This is suppression, not a cure. This puts the child in even bigger trouble. It is a kind of anti-depressants, these act on the brain. Children’s brains are still developing and need to grow. Pills disrupt this process and damage the brain. As a result, you go from rain to shine. Damage can cause them to develop other disorders.

Because of the label: ADHD, the child can become insecure. And the rest of your life you carry this label with you. The child thinks: I am wrong, I am not okay. All day long this is confirmed: don’t be so busy, take your pill etc. And becomes insecure because she has the feeling: I can’t do anything because I have ADHD, I am a hopeless case. That is what we give these children, because according to the medics you will never get rid of it!

Finding the cause

Parents, think for yourself, is this what you want for your child? Or do you want to find the cause and get rid of it? Or do you like the convenience of a pill, because then you don’t have to do too much about it? The choice is yours! Your child can get rid of these symptoms when the real psychological or emotional cause is removed.

Many children labeled ADHD are highly sensitive or psychic. Because of all the impressions the child receives throughout the day, the child can become very busy. This is the only way to not feel anything or not get anything in from others.

What I can do for you

By sensing your child, I get through what the real cause of her behavior is. By knowing the cause, we can work on this problem, which will gradually make your child feel better and therefore the symptoms will diminish, so you can all live normally again. It is also very important that the parents know how to deal with your child better, so everyone can relax more, it is then less stressed all together.

You may email a photo with the eyes clearly visible, and where she is alone in the picture. Then you can make an appointment for a consultation of your choice.