For kids


So Pure, Honest, Uninhibited, and Sensitive.

Children are open and have paranormal abilities. This is how all children come into this world. However, over the years, through the experiences children have, these beautiful and very valuable qualities change or partially or even wholly disappear. Unfortunately, very few children retain all these qualities, which makes them very different people when they grow up, and they encounter issues because of this. You probably recognize this process in yourself. Reflecting back and realizing this, it hurts to see how the happy child you once were has changed. Every child goes through various experiences to different extents, changing their original character. The more changes that occur, the harder it is later to rediscover yourself. Sometimes, it takes many years and/or therapies. In some cases, it never happens, and the person becomes a bitter and frustrated individual. This is very unfortunate as the quality of life diminishes significantly.

Therefore, it is so important to properly guide children from a young age, so that all unpleasant experiences are processed early on, making life less of a series of accumulating difficulties for them. This is not easy for parents, as we often have our processes to work through or are in difficult situations ourselves, which means we cannot give enough time and attention to the children. As a result, we might overlook what is of utmost importance to them. Nobody does this intentionally; it is an unconscious process, but it is crucial that we realize we do this and make changes.

So, take a closer look at yourself now and then. Occasionally pause and reflect on this unconscious process; it benefits the children when we want to change it. After all, you don’t want your children to have a harder time than necessary, do you? Not everyone is capable of viewing this objectively or making changes. If you notice that your child has changed or has behavioral problems you’re unable to address, I can support you in this.

I can, through a photo, sense and understand your child, so I can indicate exactly what is affecting the child, what is troubling them, what sadness exists, what the cause is, and very importantly: understand what the best approach is to help them function well again, so they can feel comfortable again.

How can I help your child?

I can guide you and provide insights about all children and their issues. Through a photo, I can sense and understand what is going on. This provides a lot of clarity and insight that you can work with. Sometimes, it is difficult or even impossible to understand children, partly because they cannot explain it themselves and often do not understand what is happening themselves.

I can help you with:
  • Paranormal children
  • Highly Sensitive children
  • Children with labels such as:
    • ADHD, PDD-NOS, Autism, etc.
  • Children of divorced parents
  • Children dealing with grief processing