Why witches?

Witches, many have already reacted negatively to this. WITCHES, brrrrrr. Unfortunately, we were raised on fairy tales and witches were always bad. Crooked noses, big pointy hats and a broomstick you could fly away on. Really? Is this the image we have of Witches? Do we still believe in those fairy tales?

What is a Witch?

A Witch is someone who lives in nature, lives with nature and all the elements related to it. A Witch eats herbs, makes teas, creams, tinctures and all kinds of other medicinal things from everything found in nature. They use the moon and the planets to gain wisdom and insights. They do rituals with candles and herbs but use that positively. To heal and balance. They help humans and animals with the natural forces. And with the energy that Mother Earth gives us. I experience it as very beautiful and very natural. I did a Witch Training and learned a lot from it. Nothing scary and nothing negative about it! But a very interesting source of information about living with nature.