Why Buddhas?

Many years ago I have been studying Buddhism. I have done courses, a Zen meditation weekend, spent a day with a Buddhist monk 1 on 1, courses of Zen meditation, visited Buddhist temples in the Netherlands, read books about it and immersed myself in Osho Zen Buddhism. This has given me wisdom and peace. And a lot of knowledge about meditation and finding inner peace within yourself. Learning to be silent, which I cannot do without now. I love it.


When you think of Buddhas, you see monks sitting in the lotus position, and then we think: How is it possible to keep up that way? That’s partly why most people don’t even start. The way monks meditate that is not good for us. But we can do it in the way that is good for us.

Actually meditation is paying attention to yourself and doing things with attention. In my courses there is also Meditation, there I explain a lot about meditating.