Why Angels?

Many years ago, I studied about Angels. I have done courses and read many books, especially those by Doreen Virtue. Every day I have contact with the Angels. Both in my work and especially with the Healings and in my personal life. We may ask them anything and they help with a lot of love.

Everyone can make contact with Angels.

Even if you don’t see or feel them, they are there. In your mind, you may ask a question or ask for help. In your way. The angels catch your questions through telepathy. They will find a way and a way to help you. You will be surprised how much they can do for you. There will be more and more AHA moments. Questions to answers they can give in many ways. Eg by the lyrics of a song, a name or a sign on signs, cars, newspapers etc. etc. Suddenly you notice that you come across the answer this way. Start experimenting with it and you will see that it works. You can ask anything!

The great Healer is Archangel Raphael.

If you have symptoms or you are sick you can ask Raphael to make you better or give advice that will make you better. Suddenly something comes along or you are handed something that is going to help you. This could be natural remedies such as tea, homeopathy, an alternative therapy or even a healer.