What is Paranormal Surgery?

Paranormal Surgery goes further and deeper than Magnetizing. In Magnetizing I remain pretty much myself, which becomes a little more difficult in Paranormal Surgery. When I operate Astral I do not control my hands myself. My Guide Jean, who has been a surgeon here on earth, takes over my hands and does what he has to do. I then make movements that I do not make myself and sometimes do not understand. I have to completely surrender to my Guide for this and let him do his thing. When I look at an organ, I look into the organ, I perceive this as a kind of X-ray. I can then see what is wrong with a particular organ or body part. And Jean will work with this and try to fix what is not right. In this process the body is not touched, the repair takes place in the astral body or also called Aura.

The astral body

The Astral body is a blueprint of the physical body. What is sick in the body is also sick in the astral body and also sick in the emotional body. You are ultimately one whole! Everything is interconnected; one cannot exist without the other. Recovery will therefore have to take place in all these areas. Therefore, the best result is when you also work on your emotional and mental recovery. If one of these remains disturbed then the complaint will always return. This is why I always treat the whole body; a complaint cannot be seen separately from your body. Before I start operating, I first scan the whole body. First the front and then the back. I scan the body, the spiritual and emotional body and the mind. Anything out of balance is brought back into balance. Meanwhile, I get through what is essential for you. Everything I encounter I tell you. Then if an operation has to take place, at least your whole system is in balance and that works much better. It is important that you take it easy the same day and the day after, so that the body has a chance to accept the changes of the surgery and the healing. Then it can take its effect on your whole system.

Take time to heal

When you have surgery by a surgeon, you often have to take at least six weeks of rest and possibly rehabilitation. Many people find this quite normal, but when a psychic gives a healing in any way, many people take it for granted that this is completely over after a day. Realize that this is not always how it works! Even with alternative or psychic healing, your whole system also needs time to heal! The physical complaint has often been there for years and needs time to heal! Before a physical complaint manifests itself, years of emotional or mental imbalance have already taken place, until the body says: I CANNOT FEEL MORE! And then we become physically ill.

Together we achieve the most

It is essential that the advice passed on by the Guides is also followed in order to get optimal results. I cannot do it alone! I need your commitment and help to do it! Together we will achieve the greatest possible result! And yes, miracles do happen, sometimes there is healing after 1 treatment! And then I jump in the air.


Unfortunately we cannot all get better. That we die is something that is certain. When someone is very sick and there is no chance for healing, I can give someone peace of mind from a distance and try to reduce or take away the suffering. At the time of death, it is nice that this happens quietly. That the transition to the afterlife goes well.

Passing away is actually a very beautiful thing, we go to another dimension. Our spirit, the personality becomes detached from the body and there is no more suffering. We enter a peaceful “world.” Many people are afraid of dying, I translate that into: afraid of the way, no one wants to suffer pain. Many do not want to leave the earth, everyone has their own reason for that.

Whatever we do to stay alive, our birth day and death day are fixed, no one can change that. In every life we die in a different way. I often hear: but if this or that had not happened she would still be alive! Everything is part of the dying process. Even suicide. We must also have experienced this once. If it’s not your time you don’t die.

Paranormal surgery I can do together with my guides at a distance.


I will ask you if you have been to a doctor yet. We cannot always do without medical science. It may be necessary for a doctor to look at your symptoms as well.