Healthy through good nutrition

Proper nutrition

Verkeerde voeding zoals eten en drinken, kunnen een enorme belasting zijn voor ons systeem. Maar de juiste Voeding kan ons hele systeem verrijken en gezond houden.

Incorrect nutrition such as eating and drinking, can be a huge burden on our system. But the right Nutrition can enrich our whole system and keep it healthy.

The desired result

I give Healings and make people aware of their lives in all aspects. Sometimes just a Healing is not enough and it is very important for a person to make adjustments in their diet in order to feel themselves as healthy as possible. I can do my best with my Guides, but with shortages of the right nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, we do not achieve the desired result. Often with small improvements a great result can be achieved. With my gift, I get the deficiencies or wrong dietary patterns through.

The consequences of wrong nutrition

One cannot exist without the other. Body, Mind, Emotions and the Spiritual are all one together! Proper Nutrition allows our entire system to function properly. In fact, Nutrition has its effect on all these areas. The more I learn and the more I study nutrition the more I am convinced that we cannot live without proper nutrition. Our body stands or falls with it. Many complaints and diseases are the result of wrong nutrition. I am surprised every day that very few people are concerned with healthy nutrition. We don’t think about what we are doing to our whole system. Far too often people think they can do this unlimitedly, until we get physical, mental or emotional complaints or even worse: become ill. I have also noticed that by advising the right nutrition, complaints can quickly disappear, which is very special but also very logical. All the cells in our body are connected to each other and if some cells can no longer function properly due to deficiencies, many processes can be disturbed.

Poor quality and E-numbers

Over the years, the food offered to us has become of much poorer quality (except organic food). All the ready-made products and E-numbers do not improve our health. These foods are so depleted that we can no longer get the daily amount of important substances needed for the body to function properly.

The best of both worlds

I have done many courses on nutrition, including orthomolecular nutrition. With the Healings combined with the earthly knowledge we can achieve optimal results. The best of both worlds! Spirituality and common sense, hand in hand.

It is NEVER too late to start eating healthier. Your body will quickly respond positively to the nutrition that is right for you. You will be amazed and your body will be very happy.