Becoming Aware in Dreams

Everyone dreams, even if you think you don’t. In dreams, you can process the events of the day, unconsciously. Unconscious things can therefore become conscious in your dreams. Often, we don’t know how to interpret our dreams—they are often symbols, or things happen that you wouldn’t think possible. Things that don’t seem to occur in your daily life, but they are hidden signals that certainly indicate something about your emotions, thoughts, and being. Sometimes a dream remains clearly present, you remember it so well that you cannot let it go and think back to it regularly, but you don’t know what the dream means, you cannot interpret it yourself. Yet it is very nice to know what your dream has to say about you.

Are you interested in your dream and have no idea what it means? Then I can interpret your dream so that you find out what is going on in your subconscious. This can be very enlightening for you. For a dream interpretation, you can schedule an appointment for a consultation of your choice.

This is my newsletter about dreams:

In my work, I also interpret dreams. But I often encounter people who are very confused about their dreams. Not only about the dream itself but about what kind of dream it is. The will also plays a role in this. If it’s a beautiful dream, you want it to come true and attribute it as a prophetic dream. If it’s a bad dream, then it’s a nightmare. But by not giving your dream the correct interpretation or assigning it a different type, it can cause even more confusion. I also often hear: “But it was a very vivid dream! So it must be true.” Every dream can be vivid. But the vividness can also be a result of whether or not you can remember the dream and therefore does not necessarily have to be a prophetic dream. For a layperson, this is all very complicated. But still, dreams are very important. We all dream, even those who say they never dream.

There are many sayings about dreams and countless songs written about dreams, so it obviously occupies us a lot. They call it dreams whereas it actually has to do with a wish or fantasy. Most songs about dreams usually revolve around love. However, this is not about dreams in our sleep but about “dreams” that we want to realize or dream of something we want to happen. I call them wish dreams.

Sayings about Dreams

  • Don’t dream your life, but live your dream.
  • To help someone out of a dream (to disillusion someone).
  • Dreams are deceiving.
  • His dream is coming true.
  • Life is a dream.
  • Make your dreams come true.

In the Dutch dictionary “De van Dale,” dreaming is described as follows:

To have a dream

  • To imagine.
  • To hope for.
  • To drowse.

And the dream:

  • Thoughts and images that come to mind during sleep.
  • Fantastic visions of the future: to help someone out of a dream means to make him realize his mistake.
  • A bad dream, a nightmare; a terrible event.
  • A wet dream, involuntary ejaculation during sleep.
  • Something someone very much wants but dares not admit.

Different Types of Dreams

Wish Dreams / Dreams About the Future

These are not actually dreams during our sleep, but wishes or fantasies we would like to have in life. Daydreaming. When we are tired or in a situation we find completely uninteresting, our thoughts can wander anywhere. We enter a sort of trance and daydream. You are far away and deeply immersed in your own inner world. It can be very relaxing for a while.

Children can do this very well and need it to completely relax. If it’s not necessary to bring them out of it, let them stay in that trance for a while. If they do need to be brought out, do it very gently! When you start shouting or touching them, they can be terribly startled and become agitated. After that, they are unmanageable, but it’s actually your fault. Often, I see that children who don’t “listen” are in their own inner world. You can call out as much as you want, but they don’t hear you, they really don’t hear you! Walk slowly toward them and whisper their name, let them slowly come back from their inner world. You will then see a different child: relaxed and happy. Let the child recover and reorient themselves to this world. Even when they are playing and don’t hear you, they are in their own world. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that the children do not want to listen.

Processing Dreams and Healing Dreams

In our sleep, we process the day. We process both pleasant and unpleasant things in our sleep, so that we can wake up “clean” and ready for the new day. If there are things that occupy our minds, they can surface in a dream; sometimes it’s clear, and sometimes it’s muddled. Several things may be intermingled. In any case, this has a healing effect on our system. When we have repressed things—sad things we don’t want to confront—they can also appear in your dreams because the unconscious says: clean up! If we sleep poorly or for too short a time, we don’t have enough time to process things, and they accumulate with all the consequences. This can make you very tired, listless, and depressed. I sometimes hear people say: I don’t need more than 4, 5, or 6 hours of sleep. This is deluding yourself. Usually, these are people with very busy lives or very restless minds, and due to the inner unrest and the many obligations, they wake up, even wide awake. Because they are wide awake, they think they don’t need more sleep. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every person needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to complete all bodily processes and to process impressions. Our body needs 7 to 8 hours to calm down and fully recover. Chronic sleep deprivation is destructive to the whole system, and there will come a day when you pay the price for it, for example, by getting sick.

Recurring Dreams

When things bother us a lot and we keep dwelling on them, they can return multiple times in our dreams. The only way to prevent this is to let go of or resolve the issue. Certain things may also keep repeating, indicating that we need to take action on them. Additionally, our Guides or deceased loved ones can continuously point something out to us in our dreams until we act on it.

Lucid Dreams / Clear Dreams

These are dreams where we are aware. You sleep, you dream, but you know that you are dreaming. These usually occur at the end of sleep when we are not sleeping as deeply. Lucid means: Clear. When you have a lucid dream, you can even control the dream. You essentially create your own dream. Anything is possible! You can do things that you cannot do or would not dare to do in daily life. Therefore, a lucid dream can be very liberating. You can also suddenly access your subconscious! You can now work on what is stored in the subconscious. And in this conscious dream, you can give your own twist or indicate your needs. These can be enjoyable things but also things you still need to process. In any case, you have control at that moment and can decide how to approach it.


Nightmares often occur with a restless mind, especially if we have experienced traumas that we have not yet processed. Nightmares are accompanied by sweating, palpitations, and other intense physical sensations. Usually, you feel out of control and can feel paralyzed. This can cause you to panic with fear. You wake up drenched in sweat. It is very normal to have a few nightmares per year. But if you have many nightmares and certain themes keep recurring, it is wise to do something about it. Usually, therapy is needed to uncover the cause. For example, this could be done in Regression Therapy or Hypnotherapy. When you know the cause, you can process it, so the nightmares do not come back.

Prophetic Dreams

Very special if you have these. Actually, they are not dreams but intuitions! If we are allowed to know something about our future or need to be warned about something, we receive a prediction from Guides, Angels, or deceased loved ones. During our sleep, we are at rest, and they can easily convey their messages telepathically in words and images. Our mind is always awake. When the message arrives, they wake you up briefly so you can remember the prediction. The prediction feels real and clear as if you are already experiencing it at that moment. However, it remains difficult to distinguish because other dreams can also feel real and clear. Sometimes, you only know for sure when the prediction comes true. This helps you learn to distinguish dreams. Experience is the best teacher. I recommend writing it down so you can compare it later. Sometimes we forget certain details.

Out-of-Body Experiences

Every person has out-of-body experiences at night. If you are not aware of out-of-body experiences, you experience them as a dream. Our mind leaves the body and goes on a journey. This can be anywhere in the world, but also to a deceased loved one. The mind knows no boundaries. I often hear that people “in their dreams” have met a deceased loved one. You do not need to be afraid of going out-of-body; you will always return to your body. Your Guides or Angels accompany your mind, and you are not left to your own devices. In your sleep, this happens unconsciously. You have no conscious control over this. These can be beautiful “dreams.” When you master out-of-body experiences, you can even do it consciously.

Contact with Deceased Loved Ones in Sleep

Deceased loved ones, Guides, and Angels have access to our dreams. Because we are relaxed, they can reach our mind. We experience this as a dream because we are sleeping. But actually, in most cases, it is not a dream but real contact!

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers have been made by Native Americans for centuries to hang above children’s beds. They believe in good and bad dreams. The dream catcher is hung above the child’s bed to catch bad dreams. In the morning, the bad dreams are burned away by the sun. They are often given as birth gifts to wish good dreams to the babies. But of course, they also work for adults. If you have many bad dreams or nightmares, just try it! If it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt! There are also courses to make them yourself.

Interpreting Dreams

There are many books on dream interpretation. You can also find dream interpretations on the internet. If you have a dream about a particular object or situation, look it up and see if you recognize yourself in it. It can clarify a lot about what is moving you in life and what is occupying your subconscious mind.

Despite this explanation, it remains difficult to interpret a dream correctly. I hope I have been able to give you a helping hand to get started with this. Dreams are really important to interpret and understand well. It adds value to your life.