Contact with the deceased

When you call or Skype with me, I can make contact with those who are dear to you and who you would like to still have contact with through me. Often we are left with so many questions. It is very nice when we can get answers to them. It gives a lot of support and confidence to know that the person is still there, only in a different way. So you can still have contact, but through a Medium.

How does it work
You have to understand that the Entity wants to speak first. They often tell you things that you know and I cannot know, so you really get the confidence, that it is indeed the one you come for. Basically, I don’t need a photo, because the Entities show themselves to me, so I can describe them in broad outline. After that, you may ask the questions. Many questions are often answered, sometimes not. The Entity decides what you may or may not know or what is or is not important. The Entities decide this, not you, not me.

A conduit; nothing more, nothing less
I often experience that some people try to force answers or want to know that specific answer. I personally cannot do anything with this. I am only a conduit. I pass on what the Entity tells me, nothing more nothing less! I have great respect for this world and I want to approach it respectfully. I expect the same from you.

Losing someone dear to you is absolutely deeply sad. The feeling inside cannot be described, let alone explained. Life is no longer the same, your world is turned upside down, and above all the question of how to go on without my loved one. Never being able to have another conversation, never being able to talk things out. Often you are left with questions, you would still like to have answers. When you know the answers, it would be a little easier. The questions also keep you from moving on, it can stagnate the grieving process. People can sometimes sit with this for years, a silent grief that is also no longer talked about, but is present every day. It continues to gnaw away.

Answers to your questions
Yet you can still get answers to your questions, not directly but through a Medium. A Medium can get in touch with the deceased person and ask him/her your questions and pass on the answers to you.

This can be very healing, moving on without your loved one becomes a little easier, these answers allow you to move on. It is also very nice to know that he/she is not completely gone, that you can still reach him/her from time to time.

I also get through how you yourself can pick up signals and which ones. They are always giving us signals. They do their best to help us, warn us or just put a warm blanket around us.