Being sick and getting better

Our body works in a special way

When something goes wrong, the body wants only 1 thing: To heal through our self-healing ability! Our self-healing ability is actually constantly at work. All the cells in our body are constantly being renewed. This keeps us healthy. If everything goes smoothly, we remain healthy. When we get sick it is never overnight. Our self-healing ability can heal our body for years, from the worst diseases. It is capable of healing everything. Even wrong cells are always cleared away. Everyone has faulty cells. Before we get symptoms or get sick, a lot of work has already been done. Our body comes to a certain point when it is no longer able to make us healthy. This has to do with many factors. But in most cases, we make our own body sick. We are overdoing what our self-healing ability can no longer keep up with. That we violate our bodies faster than our self-healing ability can heal. Many take a healthy body for granted; as long as everything goes well, we keep doing things that are not good for our bodies. Only when things go wrong do we stop predatory behavior. But there are also people who despite being sick just keep on doing all the wrong things.

Healing is possible

When we have symptoms or are sick, the body has to work very hard to heal. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it doesn’t. But in many cases we can heal. When you have symptoms or are sick and you want to heal, it is very hard work. Knobs have to be turned: Change of thinking, eating and living. If you are willing to do that, you can be cured. It depends on the amount of damage how long it takes the body to heal. Our body needs time to rebuild everything that has been broken down. Step by step, little by little. It can be done! Being sick and fighting the symptoms with drugs is not always the solution. All medications have side effects that also harm the body. I see many accept the ailment or disease because the medication works. But how nice is it when you can get off the medication and be healthy again?

A good example is Diabetes 2

Diabetes 2 is caused by bad eating and living habits and not because the pancreas is sick. It has been proven that people who have Diabetes 2 and change their eating and living habits: are cured! And no longer have to take pills. If you don’t change then you can get Diabetes 1 that you will never get rid of, with all its consequences! Then the pancreas is so sick that it cannot recover. There are many other ailments and diseases that can be cured this way.

Our Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Our mental and emotional well-being always affects our physical well-being. Our thoughts and emotions make the body sick, never the other way around. By making our thoughts more positive, we can recover. By working on our emotions and balancing them we can recover. Easier said than done, you will think. Our experiences, life lessons and traumas are not resolved 1, 2, 3. But when we process them, give them a place or let them go, we recover. These are things that otherwise get in our way and make us sick. Yes, it takes time and hard work, but the result is a healthy life. A liberation. If we do not resolve this then we can become sicker and sicker. Every ailment or disease is connected to a spiritual or emotional blockage. Christiane Beerlandt has written a wonderful book about this: The Key to Self Liberation. It contains almost all diseases with their spiritual and emotional origins and what you need to change in order to solve this, i.e. become healthy.


We can also carry ailments or diseases with us from a past life. If we did not resolve it in our past life, we can carry it with us for lifetimes. Usually this has to do with traumatic experiences. An example from my practice: a man always had pain in his left shoulder, when he went into regression he experienced that he had been shot, the bullet entered his left shoulder and hit his heart. He also saw where he was buried. He went to his own grave and was able to resolve his trauma there. The pain disappeared. He had a small tattoo where the bullet entered.

Another example

In several women, uterine symptoms may arise because they had miscarriages in a previous life and have not processed them. Sometimes it happens that the miscarriages continue in the present life. By going into regression you can process these very traumatic experiences. This way you can break this negative cycle.

Hereditary diseases

The predisposition for a particular disease that you have inherited from your parents or ancestors you can’t do anything about. The opposite is true. Despite having a predisposition you do not have to get the disease. Many have the predisposition and never got the disease. This also has to do with your diet and lifestyle. Those affect whether you develop a disease or not. We get that disease because we often have the same patterns as our parents. Acting the same and living the same way.